"Akash Koto Dure" (The Distant Sky), (2013)
Feature film produced by Impress Telefilm and Versamedia,
Original background score (composed, arranged,
mixed and mastered audio)
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Bobby Khan's Ticket to Hollywood, (2011)
Feature film, original background score
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Winner: PBS "The Music Instinct" Theme Music Competition, (2009)
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PBS Judges: "The winner was chosen due to the constant quality of his composition from beginning to end, the nice transitions and flow to overall piece and his great use of acoustic bass to supplement the tracks provided."
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Ekushay Shomoy, (05/2007 - )
Popular Current Events Talk Show on E-TV, Dhaka
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Probasher Janala, (04/2006 - ?)
(losely translated: The Emigrant's Window) Variety Show on S-tv, New York
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New York News, (01/2007 - )
Part of Channel-i News
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Natok Title
Produced by VersaMedia on ATN
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